Celebrating Lebanese Food at Studio Beirut

Serving Lebanese food in our country is one of the hardest tasks because we all the recipes but few are those who excel in preparing it. Studio Beirut​ is a casual Lebanese restaurant in Mar Mikhael that offers its customers their favorite homemade food with a twist.During our last visit we got the chance to try some of our beloved items.
Our cold and hot appetizers were numerous and overwhelming to a point we could have skipped the mains.
•The Fattoush was amazing! The vegetables were so fresh and the sauce was perfect thanks to the consistent taste of the pomegranate molasses.
•The Kebbet Labneh was exceptional! Addictive could not be the word to describe how tasty it was! The goat labneh which gave it a touch tanginess.
•The Labneh Harra was the best in town since it contained green olives, onions and green pepper harmoniously combined.
•The Hommos Beiruti was a piece of art! It consisted of the traditional Lebanese hommos but with a twist. We have no idea about the ingredients used but the result was yummy.
•The Meat and Cherries was exceptional as the meat used was succulent and cut very small to a point each and every single piece was perfectly marinated with the delicious sauce.
•The Grilled Spicy Sausages had a very original presentation with the small toasted bread pieces topped with mayo and cubed pickles. The sausages were cut into cubes and were very well cooked with the tomatoes and onions.
•Although the Cheese Rolls were grilled, it was not a reason not to enjoy their crispiness and generous amount of melted cheese.
•The Coriander Potatoes were extraordinary! They were extremely crunchy and not oily at all to a point we started questioning if they were fried or not!
Now let's jump to the main platters.
•The Chicken Wrap was impressive thanks to the very well marinated and non chewy chicken slices. Each bite contained the right amount of garlic which made it enjoyable. It was served with golden crispy fries that were also not oily at all! Studio Beirut are the masters of fried food.
•The Mixed BBQ Platter was very generous. The meat used was succulent. The kabab had the perfect spices, the brochettes were superb and the taouk was great. This platter satisfied our last cravings.

Now for the sweet part:
•The Znoud El Sett were phenomenal as the wrap was freshly prepared and like we said they master frying food so it was not oily unlike other places. The ashta filling was spectacular with the slices of pistachios.
•The Merry Cream was the cherry on the top of our lovely feast. It made us remember childhood memories.
Studio Beirut won't stop impressing us visit after visit. As regular customers we always notice improvements in the service, food and the overall experience. Thumbs up to the hardworking team!
Price Range:20$
Location: Boustany Building, Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon


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