Bistro Du Moine a New Restaurant in Saifi Beirut

Many of our friends are becoming hesitant to try new restaurants because of their continuous disappointments. That's one of the reasons why we have launched Popcorn961 so that we share with you our experiences. Our recent visit was to Bistro Du Moine a restaurant in Saifi next to Margherita serving mainly french dishes with some international items. The restaurant has a confused identity since it's called Bistro but it's more of a fine dining restaurant. The place has a beautiful warm interior with dim lights.
Before we started our dinner we were welcomed with complimentary fresh bread and homemade butter in addition to crackers.
•The Thai Salad was delicious. It contained marinated shrimps, rice vermicelli, carrots, green and indian onions, pepper, cucumber, fresh and pickled ginger, mango, coriander, grapefruits, Chinese cabbage in thai sauce. Once we saw the numerous ingredients on the menu we were seduced to try this salad. The shrimps were very well marinated and cooked to perfection, the ingredients were extremely fresh and the sauce was light and tasty. We loved it.

•The Cheese Burger was disappointing as it was tasteless although it was mentioned in the menu that it contained like 100 kind of cheese. It consisted of Swiss cheese burger bun, Angus beef, parmesan cheese slices, three-cheese béchamel sauce, mushrooms, beaufort and Comte cheese. The patty was very thick and not juicy which made the whole burger kind of dry and with a dominant beef flavor.
We were craving the Tropical Baba and the Homemade Waffle since we read them on the menu. Unfortunately they were both inedible.
•The Tropical Baba is the same as the classical Baba au Rhum but with extra fresh tropical fruits and tropical juice. The mixture of the rhum with the tropical juice was a catastrophe to a point we did not even continue after the first bite. We ended up eating the tropical fruits with the whipped cream.
•The Homemade Waffle was a disaster! It was served with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. The chocolate sauce was good but the waffle seemed old and lacked sugar. We also ate one bite.
We were not impressed with our experience at Bistro Du Moine, they should definitely work on the food and regive the identity that it was called with a bistro.

Average price: 40$ per person.
Rating: 6.5/10

Location: Saifi, Georges Haddad Street, Near Mar Maroun Church, Saifi, Beirut
Telephone Number: 01565336


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