Bento a New Hidden Gem in Beirut

One of the reasons we decided to launch Popcorn961 was to shed light and cover restaurants that are offering a great experience in Lebanon. Bento is a hidden gem that has recently opened in Adlieh facing the VAT offices in a very calm and green environment. The place emphasizes on healthy eating by offering a variety of wraps, bagels, salads, and unique platters with fresh juices.
We started with the Passion Salad and the Crab Salad. The ingredients used in both salads were extremely fresh. 
•The Passion Salad contained mango, avocado, red bell pepper and grilled chicken on a bed of iceberg. The chicken were very tender and perfectly marinated. We loved the combination of the mango and avocado with the chicken. The passion juice dressing was very light and refreshing. 
•The Crab Salad contained avocado, fresh mushrooms, orange slices, cherry tomatoes and crab slices on a bed of iceberg. The mixture was amazing and the thousand island dressing made it more delicious. 
As mains we had the Black Angus Burger, the Chicken Orange Guacamole Bagel and the Chicken Miracle Sandwich. 
•The Black Angus Burger was exceptionally yummy with its succulent beef patty, fluffy bun, tasty cheddar cheese and fresh tomatoes & lettuce. The bento special sauce made it even more perfect. 

•The Chicken Orange Guacamole Bagel was very impressive. It consisted of a bagel filled with grilled chicken and lettuce with a marvelous orange avocado spread. The chicken were great since they were tender and greatly marinated, and the bagel was very fresh. 
•The Chicken Miracle Sandwich was a miracle thanks to its harmonious ingredients mixed altogether: grilled chicken, cheddar, tomatoes, iceberg and a unique avocado spread. The baguette was crunchy and we loved the textures of this sandwich.
We never pass on dessert so we had the tiramisu that can easily compete with Italian restaurants since it had a balanced coffee taste, the right creaminess and the perfect amount of cacao. We loved it. 
We adored how fresh and light the food was yet very tasty and fulfilling. The sauces used are healthy since they are not "mayo" based. As their motto says: "Bento is the house of uncomplicated fresh food". 

Average price: 15$ per person. 
Rating: 8/10

Location:  Pearl Building, Adlieh Roundabout, Pierre Gemayel Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
For Delivery and reservation: 01 429129


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