Adonai Le Petit Libanais a restaurant in Old Souks in Jbeil

April is the perfect month to stroll and wander in Byblos to enjoy the cool breeze before the hot busy summer season starts. A visit to Jbeil is not complete without eating in one of its numerous restaurants. Adonai was our recent discovery; a restaurant that carries a lot of byblos heritage from the food presentation in clay pots and the vintage decoration. Its menu is mainly constituted from Lebanese platters with some international desserts.
•The Fattoush was exceptional as it was prepared with extremely fresh vegetables in a yummy sauce based on debs el remmen and vinegar. It was very refreshing and tasty.
•The Hommos with lahmé was disappointing. The hommos mix needed to be more creamy and had a strange tasty due to an extra ingredient. On the other hand, the lahmé and pine muts were very good and generous.
•We were not fans of the Cheese Rakakat because the cheese used was tasteless. The good thing is that they were grilled which made them less fatty.
•The Potato Wedges didn't add much to our experience. Although they were seasoned, they tasted like normal grilled potatoes. We would have preferred if they were thinner, with more seasonings and with a dip on the side.
•The Halloumi Bel Soujok Bil Fokhara was delicious. We loved the mixture between the juicy halloumi, the tomatoes, the cubed potatoes and the soujok. The flavors were very well mixed together and the platter was light.
•The Lahmé Bil Fokhara was below average. Despite the tender and juicy meat, the watery sauce made eating this dish not practical. We would have preferred a cherry sauce instead of the one they used.
Now for the desserts:
•The Fondant was good but it seemed to be overcooked since the heart was not melting and it started to become a cake. The taste was great on the other hand. It was served with a scoop of strawberry ice cream.
•The Ashtaliye was beautifully presented with a generous amount of nuts but it was inedible as it was solid and tasteless. It needed "mawared" and "mazaher" flavors even though it was served with honey.

Adonai has a unique identity that differs it from other restaurants in the area with some modifications in its food it will become a landmark in Byblos.

Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 6/10

Phone Number: 70 236778
Location: Old Souk, Unesco Square, Jbeil, Lebanon


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