A Royal Experience at Em Sherif in Sodeco Beirut

We finally went to the restaurant that has been buzzing for the past 3 years non stop, the restaurant that we regret not visiting it before. It's the number one restaurant in Lebanon on Tripadvisior and it has the highest rating on Zomato, it's Em Sherif. The restaurant became an iconic place in Beirut serving distinctive Lebanese food that we personally haven't tried before. The ground floor has an Arabian theme that reminds us of the One Thousand And One Nights, whereas the second floor has a modern touch with a brighter ambiance. There is no menu so no confusion; Em Sherif prepared an amazing set menu that will give its visitors a memorable royal experience.
Before the food arrived, we were amazed by the very well presented tables with silver condiments, majestic plates and beautiful ornaments. The food presentation was overwhelming with classy silver and crystal bowls. Let's begin with the most important part which is the food taste. 
•The Hommos was exceptional! The best we had in Lebanon so far. It was so creamy and had the right amount of ingredients in it. 
•The Fries were spectacular since they were golden crunchy 
•We can't but praise the one of a kind Fattouch! Just the fact of seeing the thin slices of well fried "batenjen" made us drool before even tasting it! Then we tasted and we teleported to a world of freshness and explosions of tastes. The vegetables were so fresh and the sauce was phenomenal. 
•The Tabboule had nothing special yet it was so delicious. They have this thing at Em Sherif that makes from the ordinary something extraordinary. 
•When we heard "3adas Bi Hamod" we said: "Is teta following us even at Em Sherif?". But when we tasted it we couldn't but add more and more. It is nothing like the ordinary one; it came like the hommos not a soup, with "debs el remmen" flavor, special crispy bread cubes and fried slices of onions on top. Teta should learn to do it as soon as possible because it was yummy.
•We are not big fans of "batenjen meshwe" but after trying it at Em Sherif we may consider loving it again. The Fatet Batenjen was like the "3adas Bhamod", we thought it was classical but it had nothing to do with it. It consisted of grilled eggplants with creamy yoghurt, pine nuts, fried bread crumbs and fried eggplants. We adored it. 
•The Makanek were addictive since they were small and very well cooked. It's the only plate that we finished till the last bite. 
•The Kebbe Sajiye was served with Mohamara which gave it a twisted distinguished taste. The kebbe was very well stuffed and very well fried without being oily. 
•The Taouk was impressive thanks to the exceptionally tender chicken and its amazing marination. The garlic paste was very creamy and well executed. We loved eating them with hot bread and fries. 
•The Em Sherif Tabkha of the day was Gigot d'agneau. It was served with wheat grains instead of rice, cooked in a special sauce with lots and lots of fried cashew nuts, pine nuts, almonds and chest nuts. The meat was succulent and the whole dish was very impressive.

Like always, the desserts chapter was our favorite part.
•The Blackberry Sorbet was finger licking good! It was better than Italian gelaterias. Its texture was too creamy and the blackberry was very present. 
•The Mouhallabiyeh had the perfect sweetness and texture. 

•The Forêt Noire was excellent with its juiciness and fresh cream. 
The Em Ali was illegally yummy as it was fresh and contained lots of pine nuts almonds and raisins. 
Our favorite Arabian dessert is the Maamoul bi Jebneh and Em Sherif excelled in preparing it. It was crunchy and flooding with cheese.
What a glorious experience we had at Em Sherif from their generosity in food, their professional warm service and most important their mouthwatering platters that can't be replicated. The charged prices are very reasonable if not inexpensive compared to the quality, the quantity and spectacular food that we had.

PS: we would love if they add Em Ali to the lunch set menu because it's something unmissable.

Price: 40$ Lunch excluding drinks, Sunday 50$        
 63$ Dinner with live music excluding drinks.
Rating: 9/10.
Reservation is a Must: 01 206206
Location: Victor Hugo Street,Ashrafieh, Beirut


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