A Melodious Evening at Indigo on the Roof at Le Gray, Beirut

Special evenings should always be celebrated in glorious places and of course there is nothing better than a royal experience at Indigo on the roof in the five star hotel Le Gray. Prepare yourself for majestic fine dining adventure where you will get to admire the beautiful panoramic view of the illuminated beirut and be served from the most professional staff in town that will do their best to keep a smile on your face. The new menu consists of some exquisite, beautifully presented gourmet platters that are more of pieces of art with harmony in the colors, textures and tastes.
• The Seafood Platter was a phenomenal start to our memorable night! Jumbo prawns, oysters, mussels and marinated calamari were all laying on the ice in all their freshness, ready to be eaten.
 • The Salmon Tiradito tasted like heaven! The Salmon was exceptional and the avocado, onions and yellow pepper sauce that topped the salmon slices were an explosion of tastes. 
• The Shrimp and Lobster Lovie Cocktail's mixture of shrimp and lobster was so successful that we finished it in two minutes. The lobster and shrimps were cooked to perfection and the sauce used made them blend excellently. 
•The Crispy Duck Salad contained an ingredient that we really missed which is the watermelon. Its combination with the green leaves, mint, toasted cashews and the crispy duck was out of this world. It added an original crunchy sweetness. 
The Italian Buratta Cheese was the best one we had so far. It was served on a bed of tomatoes and rocca salad with a special lemon sauce. 
 The Chicken and Wild Mushrooms was our "coup de coeur". It consisted of a well marinated, perfectly cooked chicken breast on a bed of herb gnocchi and asparagus. The chicken was succulent and the creamy sauce was orgasmic. The gnocchi and asparagus were the best companions with this platter. 
The Wild Mushroom Risotto was spectacular thanks to the creamy texture and the al dente rice. The mushroom portion was generous and their quality was superior. 
Thai Baked Sea Bass in Banana Leaf was marvelous. The fish meat was juicy and full of flavors. It was served with sesame glazed green vegetables and soya sauce that added more deliciousness to the platter.
The desserts at Le Gray hotel have a great reputation and they fill us with an unconditional happiness each time we try them. 
• The Valrhona Chocolate Fondant was illegally yummy! It was extremely moist and the chocolate used was excellent. We simply adored it. 

• It was not the first time that we try the Pain Perdu and we already praised how good it was. It had a cinnamon flavor with walnuts which made it very special to Le Gray just like all their dishes. 
• The Strawberry Shortcake was the cherry on top of our dinner. The ingredients say it all: butter biscuit, marinated strawberries and vanilla cream. Well it was overwhelming.
The melodious evenings at Indigo will be crowned with a live violinist to add more charm to your experience and an 80s night at Bar 360 just a few steps away will be waiting for you to dance your calories away.

What we love about our experiences at Le Gray is their outstanding quality in food, superior customer service, and their convenient location. We always depart with great memories that keep us coming for more.
The amazing team behind Indigo on the Roof
Location: Le Gray Hotel, Level 6, Martyr's Square, Downtown, Beirut 
Price Range: 70$ per person
Rating: 9/10


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