A Great Casual Dining Experience at Foster & Wiley​

There are not many activities to do in Beirut besides watching a movie or going out to dine in a restaurant but on the bright side, there are new restaurants that are opening and some will definitely impress you. Our recent visit was to Foster & Wiley in Mar Mikhael next to Electricité du Liban, a very cozy bistro where you can have a casual meal or drinks with your friends. The menu consists of special items unfound in other restaurants.

•One of the items on the menu that got us curious were the Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms. It consisted of oven baked mushrooms stuffed with Boursin cheese drizzled with balsamic glaze and served with wild rocket leaves. We adored the flavors of the cheese with the grilled mushrooms and the balsamic sauce. The rocket added some freshness and more flavors to the mix.

•The Homemade Flat-bread is more of a pizza but with focaccia dough instead of the pizza dough topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, bresaola and wild arugula. The very fluffy and fresh dough made it very enjoyable and light.
As main platters:
•The Yankee Burger was exceptional with its juicy American classic beef patty topped with melted cheddar cheese. One of the juiciest burgers we have ever tried. It was served in a fluffy soft bun and crispy French fries on the side. We went for the truffle parmesan fries for an extra charge but they were worth trying as the truffle flavor was very present and the fries were very crispy and not oily.
PS: Mention for the waiter your preferred meat cooking level since it is normally served medium rare.
•The Penny Bun Ravioli platter was spectacular. It consisted of raviolis filled with wild mushrooms in a fresh cream and parmesan cheese sauce. The ravioli were cooked to perfection and we loved the taste and texture of the sauce.
Now for the desserts:
•The Chocolate Peanut Butter made a great entrance as a chocolate ball that melted as the waiter poured the hot caramel. Unfortunately the taste was not impressive because there was a bitter strange taste in the mixture. We hope they fix it as soon as possible because it is a hit.
•Roberta's Chocolate Cake was a great ending to our experience. It consisted of layers of chocolate that melted in our mouths.
Foster & Wiley was a nice discovery in Mar Mikhael. They surprised us with their dining experience that will make us come back but we wish they improve their dessert list.

Average price: 25$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Nicolas Turk Street, Near EDL, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Phone: 01 444 779


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