A Fine Dining Experience at Yabani's in Downtown Beirut

We always say that Lebanon has more restaurants than Paris and day by day we get more assured that we are right. We have all the cuisines of the world and the most dominant one right now is the Japanese. Yabani is one of the first pioneers of sushi in Lebanon and they recently opened a fine dining branch in downtown different than the casual Y by Yabani in Beirut souks. The place has a cozy beautiful interior with an exterior terrasse overlooking some greeneries. The menu is diversified from sushi to hot platters that include chicken and meat.
•We started with the Panko Salmon Salad and we keep repeating that it's our favorite salmon salad ever! It contained fresh salmon cubes with panko and panko sauce. It was very light and tasty. 
•Our first appetizer was the Yabani Crispy Rice, a new addition to Yabani's menu. It consisted of fried rice base topped with salmon tartare in Japanese mayo and tobico. We loved the combination of the textures between the salmon and the crispy rice. 
•Our second to the Rock Shrimp Tempura consisting of deep fried shrimps and shiitake mushrooms in a spicy creamy sauce. The shrimps had a good quality but we didn't like the sour flavor that was present. We would have preferred if it was only cream.
We also ordered a variety of Special and Crazy Makis that included Yabani Maki, Chili Shrimp Ura Maki, Crazy Avocado, Crazy Mango, Crazy Salmon Maki and Philadelphia Roll. They were all fresh but some contained an access amount of rice that decreased their taste. 
Our favorites were:
•The Yabani Dragon thanks to the crunchy breaded shrimp and the fresh avocado. 
•The Chili Shrimp Ura Maki thanks to the chili, tobiko and tempura crunch. The spicy flavor gave the roll an exquisite taste.
For desserts we had one Fondant Au Chocolat and one Cheesecake. 
•The Fondant Au Chocolat was very delicious. It contained a big amount of yummy hot chocolate. 

•The Cheesecake was very good as well as it is baked and the crust was very crunchy and caramel flavored. The berries sauce was very good.
We enjoyed our evening at Yabani's gorgeous branch in downtown. Their good quality in food and great service will definitely make us visit them again.

Average price: 50$ per person. 
Rating: 8/10

Location: Adnan El Hakim Street, Minet El Hosn, Beirut
Phone: 01- 999 137


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