When was the last time you tried out Pizza Hut?

Most of the restaurants we used to go to 20 years ago unfortunately closed and only few of them remain open. Pizza Hut restaurant is one of those places we used to make sure no weekend passes without eating their pepperoni pizza. We recently tried their branch in Badaro to see where their pizza still stands.
We ordered potato wedges and one medium half Hawaiian half Lebanese pizza.
• The wedges were average nothing to brag about but the garlic parmesan sauce that came along it was a disaster; it was either old or the mixture itself was unsuccessful. 
• The Hawaiian pizza contains tomato sauce, pepperoni, pineapple where as the Lebanese has olives instead of pineapple. Both were below average because the cheese they use is tasteless. The only good thing about it was the crust that was filled with cheese that you can have for extra charge.
Pizza Hut was the main reason we became lovers with pizzas when we were kids but with the huge amount of restaurants they need to higher the bar in order not to fall behind.
Price Range: 15$
Location: Sami El Soloh, Badaro, Beirut, Lebanon


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