L'ancre - Restaurant de fruits de mer​ in Tabarja.

Lebanon has a beautiful Mediterranean sea coast and L'ancre is a restaurant from where you can have one if its best views. A new management company that owns the famous Italian restaurant in Hamra Appetito Trattoria has opened this place again but with a magnificent face lift that gave it a new charm.
The restaurant offers Seafood specialties but with a French touch.
We started our dinner with typical lebanese mezza like hommos, moutabbal, tabboule and fattoush. We were not fans of the tabboule but we enjoyed the other items.
From the seafood section we enjoyed the:
•The Kibbet Samak were addictive. The samak flavor was mild which was perfect and the kebbe contained lots of spices that made it full of flavor. It was stuffed with onions. 
•The Tajin was yummy. It was served with bread crisps on the side. 
•The Fruits De Mer Marinés were like a seafood salad. It was very generous as it contained shrimps, octopus, calamri and mussels. The lemon oil seasoning gave it a very refreshing taste. 
•The Moules Gratinées À La Sauce Tomate were a new item to us since we never tried mussels with marinara sauce before. They were tasty.
From the main platters:
•The Calamars Grillés were perfect as they were not chewy like other places and they were very well marinated. 
•The Filet De Saumon Aux Epinards was exceptional. The salmon was so fresh and juicy and the sauce was delicious. It was served with potato wedges with seasonings that made the dish even more delicious.
We ended our dinner with the Selection Desserts Orientales that consisted of Mouhallabiyeh, Custard (chocolate and vanilla) and Biscuit et Raha. 
The Mouhallabiyeh and Custards were phenomenal. One of the best we ever had.

We are excited for spring to come so we will be able to enjoy the outdoor area and admire the beauty of the sea.
Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 8/10

Location: Tabarja Sea Road

Phone: 09 855 724


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