Jalset Al Erzel Our Number One Destination in Faraya

Lebanese food is one of the healthiest and most delicious cuisines in the world. We always tend to miss it after a long week of burgers, pizzas, and sushi. Jalset el 3erzel is restaurant that is famous for its authentic village food nestled in Faraya. 
The place has a great charm thanks to the chimney placed in the middle and gorgeous views surrounding it. We loved that there is a non smoking area due to the heavy use of the shisha inside.
They don't have a menu and their food is limited to some Lebanese items that the waiter will inform you about: labneh, jebneh, batata meshwiye, beid, hommos, mana2esh saj and mashewe.
We had hommos, taouk and man2oushe jebneh. 
•The hommos was very good as it was creamy and had the right amount of thiné. 
•The taouk was perfectly grilled and well marinated. The chicken was not chewy. 
•The man2oushe jebneh was so yummy. The cheese used was amazing since it was greasy and full of taste.
They serve a sack of freshly baked khebez saj and a platter of banadoura and khoyar with zaytoun which are free of charge knowing that the prices are already very affordable and the portion is generous.
We loved the ambiance at Jalset el 3erzel especially that snow was surrounding us and Fairouz music oldies were playing in the background. The only downside was the slow service because the restaurant is always full.

Average price: 15$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: Faraya Highway, Hrajel, Kesserwein

Phone: 03 285883


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