Cheese and Wine at Provincial Resto - Café

One of the hardest things in going out with your friends is picking a restaurant that everyone agrees on. Our last outing was at Provencial ATCL Kaslik, a restaurant famous for its international menu and its cozy interior. Most of the place allows shisha but there is a non smoking area.
We always wanted to try the fondue since we are huge fans of cheese and few are the restaurants that serve a "fondue formule".
First we were surprised by the generous salad that came as a beginning. It contained lettuce and cherry tomatoes, topped with walnuts and dry raisins, in a lemon mayo sauce. The ingredients were fresh and the salad was good. It was a healthy start for the upcoming 2000 calories. 
Then came the fondue with its accompaniments: potato wedges, nachos and croutons. We loved the idea of offering items we never thought about with the fondue such as the nachos and potato wedges and that were really delicious with the cheese. The fondue itself was extraordinary! The cheese flavor was present and the mixture was condensed and yummy. We were full but we kept eating till the last nacho.

For only 55.000 LBP (22.000 LBP per person) including 2 glasses of wines and the great quality, this combo is a real catch!
We always enjoy our experience at Provencial and their generosity in food. However our only remark is about their slow service.
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: Seaside Road near ATCL
Phone Number: 09 914001


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