Boulevard Beirut Oriental Nights

Before the cellphones were the guest of honors during dinner, people used to gather around and play cards or tawlé. Boulevard Beirut is bringing this tradition every Wednesday with their oriental night; Orb3a Bnoss El Jem3a where you can enjoy your favorite Lebanese food while spending quality time with your friends in a beautiful ambiance and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

Boulevard Beirut is very famous for having a big variety of beverages from cocktails to smoothies and some specialty coffees. We love the fact that they have seasonal fresh juices that will fuel you with vitamins. You also have to try their 4 flavored coffees: mint, sahlab, cinnamon and raha. Our favorite is the sahlab coffee.

From the newly introduced items we loved the Falefel Salad, the Kellej Turkey & Cheese and the Mini Chicken Sandwich.
•The Falafel Salad was very refreshing thanks to the delicious tarator sauce. The falafel were not oily at all but we wished they were crispier.

•The kellej Turkey & Cheese consisted of 8 slices of kaak filled with tasty cheese and turkey. They were served with tomato and cucumber slices.
•The Mini Chicken Sandwich were very enjoyable with their special sour cream and garlic dip. The chicken were very well seasoned.

For dessert we had Custard, Jello and Nutella Tart.
The custard and jello made us remember some childhood memories and the Nutella tarte was delicious with its creamy filling and crispy crust.

We enjoyed the night at Boulevard and we can't wait for more themed nights in the future.

Location: Ain Mreissse, Beirut, Lebanon.
Price Range: 20$


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