A New Bird is in Town - Bilbol Restaurant in Sodeco

New restaurants are opening with massive beautiful buildings that make people curious to try them. Bilbol is one the newest restaurants in Sodeco street that serves Lebanese food all day long. The place has a homey vintage touch with couches and wooden tables.
To begin, the juice came with around 10 pieces of ice although we ordered it without ice. When we removed the ice, half of the glass was already empty. 
First they served all our ordered items at the same time which was too unprofessional. We had to star with hot mezza before they get cold and skipped the fattouh.
•The Man2oushe Jebne was not good as it lacked cheese. 
•The Rakakat Jebne were delicious. The cheese used was tasty and the rolls were crispy. 
•The Kebbe Sajiyeh consisted of kebbe filled with cheddar cheese. The mixture was good and full of flavors. 

•The Mix Grill platter had Mixed impressions; the lahme and kabab were not appetizing at all since they needed to be more grilled. The lahme was tasteless and the kabab spices used had a strange taste. The taouk on the other hand was great as it is was juicy and well marinated.

After finishing all the hot dishes it was time to start the cold mezza. 
•The Fattoush was a disaster! The vegetables were not fresh and the sauce was based on canned lemon juice which ruined the whole salad. 
•The Hommos 7ar was so yummy and it was our favorite item during our lunch. It contained a spicy paste mixed with the hommos and it was very creamy.
What was worse than bringing the food altogether was the bread that came 10 minutes after serving the food knowing that we had asked for it numerous times.
Now for the desserts, we wanted Maamoul b Jebne but they didn't have it so we went for the Ghazl L Bilbol and Ismalieh. Both desserts had a generous portion. 
•The Ismalieh contained vanilla ice cream although it was mentioned in the menu that it contained crème brulée. Despite this, it was excellent and enjoyable.
•The Ghazl L Bilbol was fine. It consisted of ashta ice cream topped with ghazl el banet.
We expected a better experience from Bilbol because of the great work they have done in the decoration. The food and the service need a lot of improvement in order to compete with other restaurants around the block.
PS: the music was very disturbing and loud and some songs had very low quality. They only played Kazem Al Saher songs.
Average price: 40$ per person. 
Rating: 6.5/10
Location: Damascus International Road, Sodeco, Beirut
Phone Number: 78 959999


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