The New Butcher's Shop&Grill Restaurant in Downtown Beirut

We get really excited when international restaurants open in Lebanon, and especially if our friends bragged about trying them abroad. The Butcher's Shop and Grill is the latest restaurant franchise to open in Downtown Beirut. A South African concept that offers starters, seafood, poultry, burgers, and of course steak, with branches in South Africa, UAE, KSA, Bahrain and Qatar.
The decoration of the place looks nothing like their fancy South African branch as it's more of a casual place with dim colors. The menu is also minimized with less items to choose from.

We ordered the Avocado Chicken Burger, the Swiss & Mushroom burger and for dessert the Chocolate Molten Cake.
The Avocado Chicken Burger was delicious. It contained a slice of grilled chicken breast with guacamole and Mexican sauce. The chicken slice was very tender and juicy, the guacamole sauce was very tasty and the Mexican sauce gave the whole burger a pinch of spiciness. The bun was very fluffy and it added more deliciousness to the platter. The fries that accompanied the burger were very good since they were too crispy and not too oily.

The Swiss & Mushroom burger was average. It contained the patty and the sauce. The sauce was not consistent, it lacked cream and Swiss cheese which made the burger lose its taste. The patty on the other hand was premium as it was thick, well cooked and juicy. The bun was very good as well.  We went for potato wedges with this platter but they were not up to the standards as they were oily and unappetizing. As a butcher, we expected more from the hamburger.

The Molten Cake was not fabulous at all. After impatiently waiting for it to be served and after seeing its beautiful presentation and the big amount of chocolate that came out when we cut it, we were upset from the outcome! It tasted more like a Betty Crocker ready made cake with chocolate syrup on top and it turned out to be over cooked and burnt. They should reconsider the recipe because chocolate Molten cakes at other restaurants are way better and we live in a world of competition where a single mistake can cost way too much.

We now understand why there was no hype over this restaurant since it brought nothing new to the Lebanese market. It reminded us of the other restaurants from the Boubess group and especially Cozmo Café and Coast.

Average price: 30$ per person.
Rating: 7/10

Location: Charles Helou Street, Downtown, Beirut next to Jewelry Tabbah.
Telephpne: 01 990993


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