The House of Burgers and Shawrama - B-Dooz

We always do our best to stay updated with the newest eateries in Beirut but we have failed lately when we didn't know about B-Dooz, a fast food joint that has already 4 branches in Hazmieh, Ashrafieh, Antelias and Mtayleb. 
B-Dooz means extraordinary and we were curious to see if their burgers and shawrma, that they are famous for, were up to the name. We visited its biggest branch in Hazmieh.
• The B-Doozer Chicken Burger was delicious. It contained very tender and tasty grilled chicken, breaded Mozzarella cheese, tomato, pickles and lettuce with aoili sauce in a fluffy bun.
It was served with fries and coleslaw. The fries were very good; not oily and crispy.

• We were fooled by the presentation of the Shawarma Bites and their taste especially that B-Dooz slogan is the House of Burgers and Shawarma. The Shawarma Bites platter consisted of 5 bites of beef shawarma and 5 bites of chicken. Both meat were not well marinated as they seemed like ordinary grilled chicken or beef. They were tasteless and they missed the traditional juiciness and spicy flavor of shawarma. They were served with hommos, garlik dip, tahini dip and fries. The hommos and the tahini needed more lemon and salt. Except the texture, they tasted the same.

We loved the amazing service from the waiters, they were friendly, polite and directly assisting customers However, we were not very impressed with the food B-Dooz as it has a very long mile to become extraordinary.
Average price: 14$ per person.
Location: Hazmieh Highway, Baabda


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