Suffragette movie review - it was a very long road for women.

With disappointment and pain we watched Suffragette the British historical film about the long battle that the women of England had to go through in 1912 in order to be granted equal votes as the men. A century later women in our "democratic" country are still bleeding for their basic human rights against domestic violence, giving the nationality for their children that they carry for 9 month and many others.
The movie talks about Maud (Carey Mulligan), a working wife and mother whose life turns upside down when she decides to support Women's social and political union hoping she will be able to have a better life for her and her future daughter one day.
Carey Mulligan proved that she is one of the leading British actors of her generations! Her performance was flawless.
Helena Bonham Carter gave also one of her best performances. Though her appearance was short, Meryl Streep added more rebellion and charm to the movie. Suffragette highlights how much the world has changed for the better over the past century. It also highlights that improvements are always welcomed! Everybody should watch this movie to know how much women suffered in order to live the way they are living today.
Genre: Historical, Drama Directed By: Sarah Gavron Written By: Abi Morgan Runtime: 1hr. 46min. In cinemas: this Thursday Rating: 3.5/5



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