Shogun Beirut​ a Classy Delicious Restaurant in Downtown Beirut

Do you want to know what is it like to dine in Tokyo on top of a skyscraper? Well The Shogun offers a unique dining experience in the beautiful relaxing restaurant on the 8th floor in Annahar building Downtown Beirut, that overlooks our charming capital. You will be served by friendly Japanese waitresses all dressed up in their authentic Kimono costumes and you will adore the Japanese music each time they play it though we wished if they kept playing it all the time.

Our celebration began with the Crunchy Spicy Salmon salad, the Vegetables Spring Rolls and the Sashimi Salmon.
The Crunchy Spicy Salmon was so delicious; the salmon slices had the perfect size, they were very well marinated and extremely fresh.

The Vegetable Spring Rolls were phenomenal since they were very crispy without being oily! We enjoyed dipping them in the sweet chili dip and the special soy sauce that came on the side.
The Sashimi Salmon with avocado sauce and special sauce were mouthwatering. The salmon slices were thin and fresh, the special sauce was perfect and the avocado added more taste to the dish.

For sushi we had a bunch of Makis and they were all very fresh and yummy.
We loved:
The Tuma Maki that consisted of salmon and Philadelphia cheese in a salmon roll. It was finger licking good.
The Kawa Maki that contained salmon and avocado in a crispy roll.

As hot dish we had a mix Robatayaki (Charcoal grill, 3 skewers): chicken, beef and shrimps.
The seasoning and marination of the meat was so tasty. The beef was succulent! It was extremely tender and juicy. The chicken were not chewy at all and very tender as well. The shrimps had a good quality.We indulged in this platter with a cup of vegetable fried rice.

The Shogun is already one of the  top Japanese restaurants in Beirut though it just celebrated its first anniversary. We can't wait to visit it again and try their delicious desserts and especially their mochi.

Average price: 50$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location:  An-Nahar Building, 8th floor, Downtown, Beirut
Phone: 03 030352


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