Our Brand is Crisis - Sandra Bullock New Movie

How far will you go to win a battle against an old enemy? Well Sandra Bullock is on a brutal fight in her new drama comedy movie: Our Brand is Crisis. Bullock plays the role of Jane, a political consultant for the unpopular former president of Bolivia. Her mission will be to convince the Bolivian people to reelect Castillo by promoting him and of course destroying the other candidates by old school games. 
 The movie was enjoyable from a marketing side but we had high expectation for Sandra that we unfortunately did not see. Her role in this movie didn't bring a plus to her career especially after some hit films she did. Nevertheless It was funny sometimes but it had more of a political side that slowed down the humor in it. The script was very predictable and it points to some ridiculous things that happen in the real life concerning the elections. Every strategy and politics fan should definitely watch this movie. 

Genre: Drama, Comedy 
Directed By: David Gordon Green 
Written By: Peter Straughan, Rachel Boynton
 Runtime: 1 hr. 48 min. 
 In cinemas: this Thursday 
 Rating: 3/5

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLZo_ILZhfk


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