Happy Hours for Sushi at Yabani​ in Beirut Souks​

We have a big appetite for sushi and we always need to keep a budget for our restaurant visits. Thanks to Y by Yabani Happy Hour(40% off on sushi) in Beirut Souks we get to fulfill our cravings with their delicious makis and salads for a reasonable price every Monday and Wednesday from 4:30 till 6:30.

We started with our favorite salad: the Panko Salmon. It contained Salmon, Panko and crispy. You will never know how much it is delicious unless you try it by your own. The salmon were extremely fresh and the sauce was perfect. We love this salad.
We ordered a bunch of maki rolls and each one was more special than the other!
The Crazy Mango are our classics that we can't but have them every time we are in a sushi joint! The crab was so tasty and fresh and the mango portion was generous.
The Philadelphia Roll contained salmon, Philadelphia cheese and cucumber. The cream cheese gave it a rich taste while the cucumbers gave it some freshness.
Our new addiction were the Chili Shrimp Uramaki. They contained shrimp, tempura crunch and a jalapeño slice on top . If you like spicy food then you should definitely go for this roll! It was orgasmic.
Don't forget to try their delicious cheesecake unfortunately during our visit they were sold out.

Unlike other happy hours, at Y by Yabani we are always impressed with the good food,and nice ambiance. We wish everyday is a Monday or Wednesday.

Average price: 25$ per person during happy hour.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Beirut Souks
Reservation is a must on: 01 992233


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