Gustav Pastries in Hamra, Beirut

 Last year we tried Gustav but we were not that impressed so we decided to visit it again. Gustav is not like the typical Lebanese pastry shops as they offer some desserts you wouldn't even think of such as tarte with pistachio, oreo strawberry cheesecake, eclair with mango so the choices are endless. We ended up choosing the Bahamas cake and truffle tarte.
The Bahamas cake is charged at the same price of La Goulee(6000 L.L) so we expected the same quality and freshness.  It turned out to be delicious but it would have been way more tasty if it had been fresh since it tasted that It was prepared 2 days.
The truffle tarte (5,500LBP) was a creative dessert! The crust was good but needed more butter, the chocolate truffles were good and the hazelnut cream was delicious. It was filled with chocolate cream but we wished it had more.
We were impressed again with Gustav desserts but we wish if the time they stay in the fridge decreases because if they were freshly prepared they would have been amazingly good.

Average Price per piece:6000 L.L
Location: Makdessi Street, Hamra


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