Good Food and Positive Vibes at Mon Maki A Moi Dbayeh

We remain on a constant hunt for sushi restaurants because many of our favorites did not maintain the standards and the quality they began with. We discovered Mon Maki à Moi branch in Dbayeh a while ago and we fell in love with the hospitality, the food and the positive energy of the place so we decided to visit it again. The place has a special charm during the day with its beautiful Japanese fountain and spacious interior.

We started our feast with fresh & hot edamame and a range of extremely crispy tempura mix to warm up. As appetizers, we also had the Shrimp Spring Rolls and the Rock Shrimp Tempura.
• The Shrimp Spring Rolls were generously filled with good quality shrimps and served with a tasty sweet chili dip.
• The Rock Shrimp Tempura were very addictive! The shrimps came coated in a very crunchy skin with a delicious seasoning without being oily.
From the salad section we had the classic Shredded Crab Salad and Crispy Marinated Salmon.
• The Crab Salad was very healthy unlike other restaurants since it didn't have a huge amount of mayonnaise. It only contained shredded crab with tobiko. It was very simple yet tasty.
• The Crispy Marinated Salmon was amazing! It consisted of salmon cubes marinated in a special sauce with crispy. The salmon cubes were very fresh and had the right size and seasoning. We loved it.

For sushi we had a big variety of Ura Makis and they were all very fresh and yummy but of course some were dearest to our hearts.
• Mon Maki that contained crazy mix and salmon in an avocado wrap.
•Crunchy Princesse that contained shrimp mix, bread crumps and tahine sauce, it was served hot.
• Salmon Addict that contained marinated salmon in a crispy wrap with salmon topping.

• Crispy Octopus that contained crispy octopus in a sesame roll with tahine sauce.
• Special à Moi that contained crabsticks, shrimps, flying fish and avocado in a salmon wrap.

• Philly Crispy that contained smoked salmon, Philly cheese and avocado in a crispy wrap.

For dessert we had the famous Japanese mochi. They were one of the best we had especially the chocolate, the strawberry and the caramel ones. We couldn't stop eating them.
We love the fact that the sushi have a thin unnoticeable layer of rice knowing that the portion is big. This is a plus for Mon Maki à Moi added to the great service, the lovely decor and the freshness of the ingredients rarely found in other places. If you are lucky, you get to meet the 2 beautiful sisters behind this successful project.

Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: Dbayeh internal road next to Le Mall Dbayeh
Phone: 04 444706


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