Friends Reunion at Shtrumpf in Le Mall Dbayeh

Friends reunions are always celebrated in our favorite restaurants where we shared great memories. Shtrumpf had the lion's share of our gatherings due to its good standards in food, great service and its salad bar that our fit friends love. We recently visited our favorite branch in Le Mall Dbayeh thanks to its location convince and parking facilities.
Their menu is varied and offers lots of items from appetizers, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas main platters and desserts.
We started our feast with the Warm-Up Combo that was perfectly named. It merged all our favorite appetizers that we usually get confused which to choose from: Mozzarella sticks, calamari rings, chicken tenders, pizzetas and nachos.
•The Chicken Scaloppini was delicious. It is like the chicken escalope but it comes thinner and filled with cheese. The chicken was perfectly fried without being oily and it was juicy thanks to the yummy Swiss cheese in it. We were not fans of the fries as they needed to be crispier and less oily.

•The Mexican Pizza consisted of a Mexican spread and chicken slices marinated with spices and cheese on a thin pizza dough. The taste felt the same like a chicken quesadillas but the pizza dough made it lighter. If you are fans of Mexican and spicy food you should definitely try it.
•The Original Baby Pork Ribs is the newest addition to their menu. Our friends got to try it and praised its portion, deliciousness and presentation. It was served with addictive crispy wedged potatoes.
The perfect finish were the Caesar's Pie and the Fondue Au Chocolat.
•The Caesar's Pie was orgasmic! The waiter recommended it and it lived to the expectations that he promised. We loved it.
•The Fondue Au Chocolat was also amazing. The chocolate had a good quality and it came with 4 dippers: pineapple, mini-cakes, sablé and bananas.
We loved the cozy homey feeling at Shtrumpf and the good food that keeps us coming back for more.

Average price: 20$ per person.
Rating: 8/10
Location: Le Mall Dbayeh


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