Dinner next to the Chimney in Beirut - A Great Dining Experience at the Four Seasons

If money doesn't buy happiness then we are sure a dinner at Grill & Lounge in the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut will do. The entrance to the hotel is extravagant and it will surely impress your company. The place is beautifully decorated with a huge chandelier and a warm chimney where you can have a romantic dinner just next to it. The menu is very interesting with appetizers, salads, mini bites, sandwiches, main platters, sushi and desserts.
We started our fabulous dinner with the French Fries with truffle oil and parmesan accompanied with Spicy Calamari. 
The fries were exceptional! They were one of the best we ever had; not too oily with a very present truffle flavor. We ate them till the last bite. 
The calamari were also very addictive. They were very crunchy without being too spicy. They were served with spicy chilly mayo sauce and it was the perfect match.
Whenever we see sushi on the menu we can't but try at least a few pieces. Grill & Lounge doesn't have a huge variety but our favorites were there. We had the salmon sashimi, California roll and Rainbow roll. 
The salmon slices were extremely fresh and tasty. 
The California roll contained deep fried tempura shrimp, mango, cucumber and mayo.
The Rainbow roll consisted of the California roll with avocado topped with slices of tuna, salmon and grouper. 
The sushi were very fresh, didn't contain lots of mayonnaise and had a thin layer of rice.
As main platters we had the Spicy Shrimp Curry and the Beef Teppanyaki. 
The Shrimp Curry was mouthwatering. The shrimps had a great quality, the sauce was very tasty especially that it contained coconut milk that balanced the spiciness of the red curry. It was served with perfectly cooked basmati rice. 
The Beef Teppanyaki consisted of premium beef slices marinated in a special sauce with mustard dip and steamed rice. The beef was succulent! Although we are not fans of medium rare steak, the tenderness and deliciousness of the meat made us forget about the cooking.
Now for the sweetest part, we ordered a Molten Chocolate cake and a Moe's Tiramisu.
The Molten Children Cake is also known as the famous fondant au chocolat. It was very moist and contained a generous amount of melting and creamy chocolate filling. It was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. We finished it in a minute or less. 

You will love the presentation of the Moe's Tiramisu that has nothing to do with the traditional tiramisu. It comes as a perfectly round chocolate ball filled with vanilla ice cream and mascarpone cheese. There is a way of serving it which is to pour hot chocolate on the ball till it melts and the chocolate reaches the inside. The result was an orgasmic piece of art.

What was more awesome than the great food was the impeccable service from the moment you arrive to the restaurant, till they greet you goodbye. We were very impressed by The Grill room and lounge although we already expected such a great experience. We can't wait to visit them again.

Average price: 40$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Four Seasons Hotel Beirut, 2nd Floor, Minet El Hosn, Beirut
Phone: 01 761600


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