Dining in Beirut Souks at the The Met

Beirut Souks is one of the coolest locations in the city it's a car free zone where you can wander around the shops, watch a movie, play video games and of course have a delicious meal. The Met is the restaurant of our choice whenever we go there since its menu offers a wide variety of tasty items; pizzas, pastas, burgers, salads plus a salad bar, lots of main dishes and of course desserts all in a vibrant and luminous exterior and a cozy, warm interior.

We ordered the Swiss & Mushroom Burger and the Exotic Salad.
• The Swiss & Mushroom Burger was so delicious. It contained the creamy Swiss & mushroom sauce on a juicy patty in a fresh and fluffy bun. It is served with vegetables (tomato, onion and lettuce) and golden fries. The fries were very crispy and not oily. 

• The Exotic Salad was good. It contained shredded crab, avocado and mango slices, grapefruit and baby corn on a bed of iceberg. For the price we paid, we expected more mango and avocado as there were only 2 thin slices of each. We didn't feel the orange taste nor any sauce although it was mentioned in the menu that the dressing was orange mayo. Luckily we ordered an extra Japanese dressing which turned out to be the ordinary mayo and soy sauce.
The Met never fails to disappoint us with it's good standard in food and great service but they should reconsider the portion of some items that will highly improve the experience.
Average Price: 25$ per person Rating: 7.5/10 Location: Beirut Souks


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