Casper & Gambini's New Delivery Menu is Delicious.

It's becoming a hassle recently to go out during lunch break and grab a meal due to the insane traffic and zero percentage of finding a parking spot. Last week we decided to try Casper & Gambini's new delivery menu when we saw some exciting new items that made us drool.
The Asian Sesame Chicken was the perfect start to our lunch! It contained spicy roast chicken breast, mixed leaves with red cabbage, rocca, toasted sesame seeds, ginger pickles, fresh chives and wonton crisps in a sesame vinaigrette sauce. The ingredients were extremely fresh, the chicken needed more seasoning and the sauce was very tasty. The salad was very fresh and consistent. 
The Chicken Teriyaki Burger was perfect. It contained succulent teriyaki chicken breast with ginger pickles and crispy salad with sesame Japanese spread. It was so delicious regardless the fact that it came more juicy than it should because of the teriyaki sauce. The bun was fluffy but it became moist because of the sauce. I can't wait to visit Casper & Gambini's and try it there. 

The fries that came with it were not fabulous. They were not too crispy and they needed more salt. 
We also tried their Halloumi & Pesto Pizza with sun-dried tomato and mozzarella. We also added our favorite pizza ingredients; olives and mushrooms. The dough was good and the ingredients were fresh but the pizza was very dry to our taste. It may need a creamy sauce as a base to make it more enjoyable.
Now for the desserts: The Chocolate Sablé was orgasmic! It consisted of 2 layers of chocolate sablé filled with creamy milk chocolate. The sablé were so crunchy and full of butter. The filling was so fluffy and kind of out of this world. We loved this dessert. 

The Fruity Red Velvet was overwhelming as it was very fluffy and rich with creamy mascarpone cheese. To make it even better, they serve it with a cup of red fruits. 
Perfect ending to our lunch!

We enjoyed our delivery meal at Casper & Gambini's; we liked the quality, the good packaging of the meals and most importantly the taste. We can't wait to visit their branch at ABC Dbayeh.
Average price: 15$ per person. Rating: 8/10

Delivery's number: 01 25 26 27


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