Woodbees Our Place for a Casual Fun Outing

Winter is the best season to get comfortable and visit cozy diners without having the trouble of dressing up to impress the crowd. Our recent visit was to Woodbees, from the people behind  Wooden Bakery, a restaurant on Jal El Dib Highway next to Wooden Bakery.
The architecture of this place is beautiful with greenery surrounding it, a very high ceiling and a big olive tree in the middle.

The menu offers a variety of sandwiches from Lebanese to french and American plus lots of salads, appetizers and desserts.
We began our dinner with Tabbouleh and Hummus.
• The Tabbouleh was not good since it was flavorless. The ingredients were fresh but we felt that it needed more lemon, oil, salt and spices. We personally prefer it also with more burghul. If they fix the sauce it will become more enjoyable.

• The Hummus was delicious. It was very creamy and contained the right doses of ingredients. It is served with kaak fingers which made it very unique and tasty.
• The woodbees salad is a healthy option with its goat cheese, roasted almonds and mixed greens. The sweet sauce was the perfect match with the goat cheese. We ordered an additional sauce as it was a bit dry.
• The Truffle Fries fulfilled our truffle craving for only 7,000LBP. They were very crispy, not oily at all and had a generous amount of Parmesan.
• The Woodbees Kebab was succulent. It contained kebab, halloum cheese, mouhammara, fries, roasted tomatoes and lettuce in a Lebanese bread wrap. The mouhammara and the halloum are unusual ingredients with the kebab but they gave it an original yummy taste. We simply loved it.
•The Taouk was very good. The chicken were very tender and well marinated and the garlic paste was not too strong or disturbing. It contained also pickles and fries. The sandwich was very rich in flavors and appetizing.
• The Salmon sandwich was extraordinary. It contained smoked salmon slices, cream cheese, mixed greens and Woodbees sauce. The salmon were very fresh and had a very good quality, the cream cheese and the Woodbees sauce made the sandwich a piece of art. We highly recommend it for salmon lovers.
Now for the desserts; they were good and for a very reasonable price.
• The Panna Cotta with red fruits was very refreshing. The cream was very consistent and delicious.
 • The Red Velvet Cake could have been better. It contained a lot of cake and needed more cream. Other than that the cream was finger licking good and the sponge cake too. A simple balance between the proportions will make this dessert way better.

We enjoyed our dinner at Woodbees. The service was very good, the food is light and delicious and they pay a lot on details to maximize our satisfaction such as the bees power-banks on the tables in case someone is out of battery.

Average price: 20$ per person.
Rating: 8/10

Location: Main Highway, Zalka, Metn
Phone Number: 01 886600


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