Try to Avoid Gilt for Birthday Celebrations

 Lebanon is the capital of food because there are so many restaurants in our country that if you visit one every single day there will still be ones that either just opened or you didn't try. Last week our dear friend celebrated her birthday and decided to do it at Gilt in Gemmayze next to Ferrari showroom. Gilt has two menus one for lunch and another for dinner. There are not many choices but the dishes are very unique. The restaurant has a cozy dim low profile ambiance and is perfect for group gatherings but definitely not a romantic date. 
We started our celebration with the some delicious appetizers and yummy platters.
• The Asian Nems were the perfect way to start the feast. They consisted of fresh vegetables rolled in rice paper, served with chili sweet radish sauce. The vegetables were so fresh and the sauce was amazing. 
The mini burgers were grilled to perfection.

• The Coconut Milk and Lemon Grass Chicken is the perfect choice for a healthy yet tasty meal. It consisted of sliced chicken breast in a mild ginger and lemon grass sauce. The chicken were very tender and well marinated and the sauce was kind of an explosion of tastes. It is accompanied with basmati rice but since the sauce quantity was not enough, we would have preferred mashed potatoes or fries on the side. 

 • The Gilt Cheeseburger was extraordinary! We loved how juicy and tender the patty was. The bun was so fluffy and light, the sauce was so tasty and the vegetables were so fresh. We didn't feel any cheese although it is a cheeseburger but this did not keep us from enjoying it. The fries that accompanied the burger were very good; crispy and not oily. 

• The Black Truffle and Champagne Risotto was orgasmic! It is a must try for truffle oil lovers. It contained aromatic rice, black truffles, truffle oil and Parmesan with a pinch of champagne. The rice was cooked to perfection and the truffle flavor was very present. The Champagne ingredient gave the platter an original signature taste.  

Our friends ordered Ricotta and Spanish Ravioli, Trofie al Pesto (pasta with pesto sauce) and Linguini Potarga (pasta with tomato sauce). They didn't share them with us but they assured that they were all so delicious.

A birthday is never complete without a cake. We were shocked that 40,000 LBP were suddenly added to the receipt under "cake service". They have the full right to do it but they should have informed us when we reserved because if we knew we would have changed the place to another one that doesn't rip you for using 6 empty plates knowing that the place is already expensive. 
After arguing with the waiter they removed it from the bill but it was unprofessional from their part. Knowing the total of our receipt was 320$.

You will enjoy the delicious food at Gilt, the glamorous people that you meet but we will think twice before celebrating there again unless they change the 40,000 LBP "cake service" charge.

Average price: 45$ per person
Rating: 8/10
Location: 752, Gouraud Street, Saifi, Beirut
Phone Number: 01 997676


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