The Second Lady In Cinemas this Thursdasy

Maguy Bou Ghosn was able to do a big leap from her comedy roles that we got used to in her last 2 movies(Bebe&Vitamin) to some serious drama acting in her latest movie The Second Lady (السيدة الثانية)
The movie talks about Dahab, a poor woman who is trying to find a job in order to escape the misery that she is in and to find a better future for her and all her neighbors. Luck becomes her best friend when she ends up working for the most powerful man in the country, the President.
The Second Lady is a light drama/comedy portraying the major problems that Lebanon is facing but in a clever way. Those problems don't evolve around love, beauty and cars as we see on TV.

The actors exceeded in their roles and they were very fresh and convincing in front of the camera.
 We have to praise the incredible comic ability of Khitam Al Lahham (Massika) who made us laugh each time she was on screen.The plot starts a bit slow and it takes around 40 minutes to feel the beginning of the story but then it all goes quickly. The direction was phenomenal especially the bright and vivid colors of the camera.

Maguy Bou Ghosn won't stop impressing us year after year with her very enjoyable movies that carry a special message each time.



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