The CheeseCake Factory finally in Lebanon

Evelyn Overton, a housewife from Detroit had no idea that her famous cheesecake that she prepared in her modest basement at home would enable her to open the 9th largest restaurant company in USA The Cheesecake Factory that currently holds 185 restaurants around the world. Lebanon finally became part of the Cheesecake Factory Family with a branch located in Verdun facing Starbucks. The restaurant has a unique charming decor and we purposely did not take any picture of the place to leave it a surprise but we are sure you will be impressed. 
The menu should get the Guinness world record for having the biggest number of items. It offers appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pizzas, specialties, main dishes, smoothies and 28 kinds of Cheesecakes. They also have a lunch formula during the week and a Sunday brunch.
We started our feast with the gigantic Oreo Creamy Milkshakes which was the yummiest milkshakes we have ever tried with huge chunks of Oreo and cookies and lots of whipped cream on top. It was a marvelous start! 
For appetizers, we went for the Factory Nachos, Quesadillas and Thai Lettuce Wraps.
• The Nachos were definitely not the regular nachos we usually have in other places as they were freshly prepared and topped with Cheddar cheese, jalapeños and tasty sauces. Their portion was huge and enough to satisfy our cravings. 
• The Quesadillas were extremely delicious since the tortilla were very crispy, the chicken were very tender and well seasoned and the whole mix was very juicy thanks to the cheese used. We ate them till the last bite. 
• The Thai Lettuce Wraps were a healthy yet tasty option. They consist of perfectly marinated grilled chicken slices served with fresh vegetables, noodles and 3 types of sauces. We enjoyed each wrap.
For main platters we ordered the Pepperoni Pizza, Mushroom Burger and Orange Chicken.
• The Orange Chicken was the dearest to our hearts. It was literally orgasmic! The chicken slices were very crispy and they were over dipped in a one of a kind sweet orange sauce. We did not even look at the rice because the chicken balls disappeared in a minute.
• The Pepperoni Pizza brought us memories to the classical American pizza that we used to have when we were young. The crust was thin and crispy and the pepperoni was full of flavors.
• The Mushroom Burger was a piece of art. It contained a juicy piece of patty, sautéed mushrooms and covered with melted Swiss cheese. The burger was good but it needed more cream sauce to become perfect. It is accompanied with fries or Caesar salad.
For dessert we indulged in 2 of their famous Cheesecakes: the Oreo Cheesecake and the Banana Cheesecake.
• We fell in love with the Banana Cheesecake as it felt lighter and we could taste bananas in each bite. The dough was very crispy, the filling was very creamy and the whipped cream added even more deliciousness. 
• The Oreo Cheesecake was also amazing since it had many Oreo chunks in the same creamy filling.
We want to thank the company who worked hard to successfully open The Cheesecake Factory in Lebanon since they saved us from a trip to try it. We have to praise the premium quality of ingredients they use in their dishes and their one of a kind friendly service.
As a tip, we advise you to share your platters because the portion is huge.
Price Range: 30$ per person
Location: Verdun, Beirut, Lebanon
Rating: 8.5/10


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