Sunday Brunch at St.Elmo's

Surprisingly, Sunday is becoming our best day of the week after we decided to have a brunch every weekend.  St. Elmos is a brasserie that offers a brunch menu with live entertainment on Sundays.
We loved St. Elmos before even trying it because it's located in our favorite place Zaitouna Bay where you can eat and then have a walk to enjoy the seaside but mostly to burn the calories.
St. Elmos has a unique interior with maritime decor and ambiance. The exterior is charming as well, especially when it's a sunny day.
• We started our brunch with cream cheese bagel with salmon add on served with fries on the side. It was so delicious as the salmon was extremely fresh and the bagel was filled with a generous amount of cream cheese that gave the platter a smooth and rich texture. The lemon slices added some sourness that balanced the whole flavor. The fries that accompanied the bagel were so yummy since they were very crispy and not oily. We simply adored this dish.

• Our second item was the Turkey and Cheese Club and it was excellent! It contained layers of smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce on soft country bread. The turkey and the cheese quality were superior, the bread was so fluffy and the vegetables gave it a light taste.

• Whenever we see the Eggs Benedict on the menu we can't but have one. It consisted of 2 poached eggs topped with spinach, Swiss cheese, hollandaise sauce and we also added salmon to enrich it with more proteins. The result was good but we expected it to be mich better compared to the bagel. An aroma of spices and flavor was missing. They did not master the combination of the eggs with the salmon.

To add relish to our sweet tooth, we ended our brunch with the French Toast. It is similar to the pain perdu except the fact that the bread comes cold and not freshly baked. It is served with caramel sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It was very luscious although it was not freshly baked since the bread was very juicy and had a pinch of cinnamon.
Sunday wasn't boring at all at St.Elmo's specifically when the live Band Jlp took the stage and amused us with our all time favorite songs. The crowd couldn't but sing with them and request more tunes. Our time was well invested at St.Elmo's.

Average price: 25$ per person.
Rating: 8/10

Location: Zaitouna Bay
Phone Number :01 367356


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