Sunday Brunch at Le Gray is a Food Heaven

We always try to find something that can distract us from thinking that we are on a Sunday and a long week is on the way. Luckily we succeeded in finding a food wonderland located in middle of Beirut in Le Gray Hotel. Indigeo Sunday brunch is the place to be next Sunday and every Sunday because you will stand mouth open in front of the food heaven they have created. 
The place is very positive and full of colors with greeneries on the terrace and Beirut skyline in the background.
First they welcome you with a refreshing drink to start your feast. You will be mixing in one plate many cuisines but with no clashes: sushi, sashimi, oysters, salmon, mussels, Lebanese Mezza (Tabbouleh, Fattoush, Hommos, Moutabbal, Mouhammara and many more), a variety of cheese and cold cuts (Camembert, Roquefort, Cheddar, Parmesan, Manchego, Ham, Turkey, Salami, Parma ham...), a salad bar and some ready made salads. Add to all of that an "à la minute" section including eggs corner and hot main courses. 
Not to forget the desserts and the live crêpes station.
• Our first platter was a seafood cocktail. The sushi and the sashimi were phenomenal, even better than Japanese restaurants. They were extremely fresh and tasty. We also loved the oysters and the mussels as they were perfectly marinated. 

• Our second platter contained the Lebanese Mezza. The Mohammara was unique! It was the first time that we try it and we loved it. The Vine Leaves were excellent as well as the Tabbouleh and the Fattoush. 

• Our third platter consisted of a selection of cheese and cold cuts with their yummy bread and the Chicken with Grilled Pineapples salad which was amazing!

After this long introduction, it was the time to start the second chapter.
• We started with the Eggs Royale. They consist of two English muffins topped with salmon and poached eggs with a hollandaise sauce. It was the best egg platter we ever had plus it is overloaded with proteins. We wish our mums can prepare such a breakfast for us everyday. 
• We also tried the Eggs Omelet which was also satisfying. But since it's the original omelette, our "coup de coeur" were the Eggs Royale.
Our main platters consisted of the Black Angus Beef Burger and the Traditional Thai Green Curry Chicken. You also have the chance to choose between other signature platters such as the steak in puff pastry, the sea bass, the Lebanese specialty of the day and many more. 
• The burger was overwhelming. It contained Cheddar cheese, onion rings and jalapeño sauce. The bun was so fluffy, the patty was juicy and well cooked and the onion rings gave it a kind of crunchiness. It was a bit spicy due to the jalapeño. You can still have it with another sauce if you don't like spicy food. The wedged potatoes that accompanied it were very addictive. 
• We adored the curry chicken not only because of its succulent taste but also because of its original presentation as it came in a pan over a candle that kept it warm till the last bite. The chicken were very tender and the sauce was thick and consistent. It is served with basmati rice on the side that were cooked to perfection.
We felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory when the sweet chapter of our feast arrived. We couldn't but say Oh My God in front of the huge variety of desserts they offered. 

• We started with a choco-platter that contained Bahamas, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Banoffee Pie, Tiramisu, Profiteroles and Caramel Pecan Pie. 
The Bahamas was a piece of art! It was fluffy creamy and the bananas were very present in it.
It was not the first time that we try the Tiramisu and it was finger licking good.
We orgasmed over the Caramel Pecan Pie! It was from another world! Le Gray should open a pastry shop because the chef is simply a Maestro. He exceeded in preparing sweets as perfectly as salty dishes. 

• Our second platter was strawberry based. We pampered ourselves with the baked Cheesecake, the Crème Brulée, the Baba au Rhum, the Strawberry Tarte and the Fraisier. Each item was better than the other, we really don't have any preferences. The cheesecake was exceptional, their Crème Brulée is one of our favorite in Lebanon, the tarte was phenomenal thanks to its crispy crust and creamy filling, and the Baba au Rhum was very light. 

• Since the Crêpes were cooked on spot we couldn't but try them although we were full. The dough was amazing and they filled it with Nutella, bananas, strawberries and they add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top that is also prepared live with the Nitrogen gas. 

There was also maccarons, white and dark chocolate chips, some chocolate bars and chocolate cups plus some Lebanese sweets but we couldn't even look at them because we were full.

Unlike any other buffets Le gray exceeded in preparing each and every single item and whenever 1% from a dish was empty they directly added more. 

We left Le Gray Hotel boosted with positive vibes, fueled with mouthwatering food that will last with us till the next Sunday and ready to face Mr. Monday.
And in the end we can't say but:
."يا هيك بوفّيه يا بلا"
Price 55$ per person including open soft drinks.
Rating 9.5/10
Phone Number: 01 972000
Location: Le Gray Hotel, Level 6, Martyr's Square, Downtown, Beirut


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