Sunday Brunch at Junkyard

Sunday can be the most depressing day if you don't spend it wisely. We did a good choice last weekend when we attended the Sunday Brunch at Junkyard Beirut in Mar Mikhael just in front of the train station. 
The place is very creatively decorated. They were able to make from junk materials a unique charming pub full of positive vibes.
Their Sunday Brunch menu offers 3 salads, wraps buns and toasts, eggs, main platters and desserts. Don't forget to try their smoothie of the day. We were lucky to try the Banana Lucuma as it was orgasmic!
• The Ultimate Grass Fed Beef Burger was succulent! It contained 28-day aged Australian black Angus striploin, topped with aged Cheddar cheese, pickles tomatoes and red onions. The beef was exceptional; so juicy and tender. The extremely fresh vegetables used made the burger even tastier. The fries that accompanied it were a mess! They were very oily, not crispy at all and they seemed old. 

• The Smashed Avo on Toast got even better when we added smoked salmon to it. The ordinary sandwich consists of avocado chunks with tomato, onions and lemon on toasted country bread. But when smoked salmon add on is available nobody's gonna say no! The smoked salmon slices were very fresh and they made the sandwich a piece of art! We loved it. 

• The Poached Eggs Florentine were amazing! They consisted of poached eggs and sautéed spinach baked in a creamy buttery cheese sauce and served with garlic focaccia bread. The sauce was excellent as it was very flavorful and consistent and the crispy bread gave it a unique taste. 
• The Lobster Rolls were fresh and of a good quality but the lobster pieces were too big. We would have preferred if they were cut into small pieces that could have melt better with the sauce. We felt that it needed more sauce to become perfect. Otherwise the bread was fluffy and the sauce was tasty.
Trying new desserts is always on our bucket list.
• We started with the Pancakes. They were good but not a must try. They had nothing special: pancakes served with maple syrup and some strawberry slices. But they fit well the ambiance of the brunch especially the eggs.
• The Chocolate Brownie was floating on a bed of melted chocolate sauce. It was the sweetest ending to our brunch. It was served warm which allowed us to indulge in its deliciousness.
We enjoyed our brunch at Junkyard because of the great food and service. The cherry on the top was the live performance of the talented Marilyn and her band.
Junkyard is great for an evening with friends and now for its Sunday brunch.

Average price: 35$ per person
Rating: 8/10
Location: Armenia Street, Exit of United Gas Station, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Phone: 03 945961


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