Follow your dreams like Cocoa&Co.

We don't have to read novels or watch movies to know about heroes because we might pump into them in our daily life. Yesterday we got the chance to meet a mother, a wife, a baker,an entrepreneur and of course a foodie, Mrs Hala Audi Beydoun.
We got to know how her first smarties birthday cake that she sold lead to opening 2 patisseries till now; one in Beirut souks and another in Koraytem, Cocoa &Co.

Why do we think she is a hero? Well, she successfully battled cancer and many struggles in her life and each time she came out of the situation with more love to life, to her family and of course to her passion cooking cakes.

Now Hala is competing in the Brilliant Lebanese Awards and she needs our votes to win the People Choice Awards and hopefully succeed in developing and growing her business that is drawing smiles on people's face from the first bite.

BLA is one aspect of the value proposition that BLC Bank offers to SME’s and women and which consists of 4 pillars: Finance, Exposure, Consultancy and Training.
The ceremony recognizes the achievements of entrepreneurs spearheading successful initiatives spanning across different sectors and showing leadership and entrepreneurship skills. This competition is open to the public and gets participants from all over Lebanon. The winners will be selected based on financial performance of the company (30%), the creativity of their business (30%), its future sustainability (25%) and the corporate social responsibility (15%) by a panel of independent professionals including representatives from Banque Du Liban, Lebanese American University, Endeavor, IFC, Kafalat, Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL), BLC Bank and successful entrepreneurs.

Vote for Hala on :

Beirut Souks
76 608 725


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