Chris Hemsworth New Movie : In The Heart of the Sea

Get ready to sail on a new adventure with Captin Ron Howard the director of In the Heart of the Sea and Chris Hemsworth who will share with you a journey to the unknown.In the Heart of the Sea is an American biographical thriller film based on Nathaniel Philbrick's book about the sinking of the Essex in 1820 and that has the same name. These events were also the inspiration of the famous novel Moby Dick.

The movie takes place in 1820 when the whaling ship Essex, crewed by Captain George Pollard (Benjamin Walker) and his officer Owen Chase (Chris Hemsworth), set sails to collect whale oil. During the voyage, the ship is sunk when a very large whale hit it and split it in 2 halves, leaving its crew shipwrecked at sea for 90 days.

We all fell in love with Moby dick the outstanding novel and movie by Herman Melville. Well this year we have a treat as we will witness the true story behind Moby dick and Essex in a phenomenal way thanks to the outstanding direction, photography and special effects of this movie. We also have to praise the superb acting skills of all the characters.
2 hours passed and we got to know what is it like to live on a ship and to survive but firstly we learned to accept what we have and not to be greedy.

• Genre: Drama
• Directed By: Ron Howard
• Written By: Rick Jaffa, Peter Morgan, Charles Leavitt
• Starring: Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Ben Whishaw, and Brendan Gleeso
• Run time: 2 hrs
• Rating: 3.5/5



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