Brunch at Memory Lane in Mar Mikhael

Breakfast is the most important meal in the day and we always skip it during our busy weekdays but that should not be the case on the weekends since it can boost you with energy for the upcoming week.  We are becoming fans of weekend brunches since it's the perfect plan for a lazy relaxing morning.
We recently tried Memory Lane, a cozy restaurant in Mar Mikhael. It is huge and each part has a different ambiance from the coffee area to the refreshing dining room and the bar. The place is perfectly enlightened thanks to the glassed ceiling which made the restaurant full of positive vibes.
• We started our brunch with the Charcuterie platter served with a bread basket. The cold cuts consist of salami, ham and chorizo with pickles. They were very fresh and the bread was also very enjoyable especially the gressini. 
• Then we passed to the traditional Lebanese breakfast that consisted of a variety of kaak and a Lebanese platter. 
* We tried the Halloumi kaak which was very tasty and generously filled. The halloum were melted and the vegetables used were very fresh. 

* The kaaket Labneh contained the same ingredients as the halloumi. The labneh gave it a sour taste that we preferred over the halloumi. 
* The Lebanese platter contained 5 grilled halloum slices, a labneh platter, a toasted kaaké cut into 4, olives, cucumber and zaatar salad. It was our favorite as you can make your own bites.

As main dishes we had an omelette and scrambled eggs.

• The first Omelette was not good as it was served watery. We then asked for it to be well done. The omelette contained mozzarella, cheddar cheese and tomato cubes and it was served with toast and green salads. 
• The scrambled eggs were very good. They were well cooked with a consistent butter taste. We always add pepper so don't forget to ask for it. They were served with toast bread, green salad and a sausage.
Even a brunch is not complete without desserts. Some were healthy like the fruit & granola but they could not fulfill us! Nutella crêpes and pastries were a must.
• The crêpes dough was crispy, we honestly would have preferred if it contained more chocolate. One of them had strawberries and the other bananas. 
• From the etc pastries, we got the chance to try the Lotus cake (with lotus biscuit) and the Banana Caramel Tart. 
* The Lotus Cake was orgasmic! We will be visiting Memory Lane to rejoice with this piece of art! We adored it. 
* The Banana Caramel tart was our piece of joy since it contained the tart crust, banana topping and caramel; our favorite items. 
• The fruit salad & granola was our all time favorite morning dessert. It consisted of fresh sliced fruits with a cup of fresh yogurt and honey to mix with the granola. The result was perfection.

We accompanied our brunch with hot beverages and juices. The café latte was very creamy and delicious but they add cinnamon on top so if you are not fans of cinnamon, mention it to the waiter because they don't ask you before. The orange juice was very fresh. They also have some detox drinks.
We loved the after effect of the brunch. It made us happy and we ended doing more things during the day that we normally don't have the energy to do.
Location: Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Phone Number: 01 562808
Price Range: 20$/person
Rating: 7.5/10


  1. hello,

    two questions: is it only saturdays and sundays? also is it a la carte or a buffet (was wondering because if 20$ for all you got, it's a great price)

    1. Hello, you can order any item from their menu it's a la carte. We calculated an approximate for the items and it turned out to be 20$ :). Please follow us on Instagram and facebook to stay updated with our reviews.

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