Urbanista a Restaurant in ABC Dbayeh Positive Vibes and Yummy Food

We always complain that are no new restaurants in Lebanon and that we keep going to the same ones over and over again. However, I am sure that our country has the highest numbers of restaurants and some of them are worthy to praise and talk about. Our recent visit was to Urbanista, an urban eatery that has three branches in Lebanon: Gemmayzeh, ABC Ashrafieh and ABC Dbayeh. We went to ABC Dbayeh. All the branches are characterized by a modern décor with comfortable leather couches and relaxing ambiance. The menu consists of pastries, eggs starters, salads in addition to a salad bar, burgers, sandwiches and desserts.
• We started with the Sesame Chicken Noodles salad. It was literally orgasmic to a point we fought over the last bite. It contained grilled chicken, green mix, crispy noodles, coriander, carrots, roasted almonds and sesame, served with hoisin dressing (something similar to balsamic vinegar). The chicken were perfectly marinated and grilled to crispiness. The mixed greens were extremely fresh and the whole mixture was amazing. We ordered an extra peanut dressing. It had a sweet taste and it made the salad even more orgasmic. • The Cheese Burger was succulent! It contained the basic ingredients but their quality made it exceptional. The patty was juicy and not chewy, the cheddar cheese had a very present and delicious taste, the pickles gave it some sourness. The organic brioché burger bun was very unusual yet it was perfect; it was a bit crispy which made the burger kind of lighter. We loved it. 

• The BBQ Burger is Urbanista's special burger with crispy onions, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. The bun and patty are as good as the ones in the cheese Burger. The BBQ sauce gave it a special taste. If you like BBQ sauce then it's the perfect burger for you.
The fries were crispy and fresh but we wished if they were served more hot as they were a bit cold.
The coleslaw that accompanied the burger was tasty.
We can't leave a restaurant without trying at least one dessert. Their Pain Perdu was to share so we ordered one. It was a healthier version of the ordinary pain perdu with caramel as it contained maple syrup that is less fatty. Nevertheless, it was moist fluffy and very tasty.
We will definitely visit Urbanista again not only for their great food but also for their super amazing and positive staff (Varouj was remarkable). We do hope our restaurants can be exported to the western world because everyone should get a slice of the Ubranista.
Average price: 22$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: ABC Dbayeh L3


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