The Delicious Green Mexican Truck

Delicious food will be knocking your door very soon and it is coming all the way from Mexico. El Gringo is the next big thing; it’s a green Mexican truck that has been roaming around Lebanon and we simply love it. We have tried it before at Faraya Summer Festival, at the Salon Du Chocolat food court and it’s now in LAU Jbeil offering the lucky students of the university some mouthwatering Mexican meals. Lebanon lacks Mexican restaurants because the few that exist are charging ridiculous amounts of money.
EL Gringo serves Mexican specialties; quesadillas, burritos, tacos, a Mexican salad, Nachos and of course dessert.

We were lucky to meet Marwan the owner who left his 9 till 5 job to follow his dream.

• The Beef Quesadillas were delicious! The beef is one of the most risky ingredients but EL Gringo mastered it as it was very tender, juicy and perfectly marinated. They mix the beef with grilled vegetables and cheese. The bread used was super fresh. We have previously tried the chicken and it was on the same level.
• The Beef Burrito was the best! It was generously filled with grilled sliced beef and the sauce used was very creamy and yummy. They add cheese, beans and lettuce. We loved it.
• A Mexican salad is also on the menu for the veggies. It was the first time that we try rice with a salad and it was amazing. It contained green leaves, tomatoes, beans, rice and cheese. The sauce was perfect because it had the right spices. It is a very healthy yet tasty choice.
• The Beef Tacos were very good. We loved the contrast between the tenderness of the beef and the crispiness of the taco bread.
You can’t skip EL Gringo dessert which quesadillas overloaded with Mozzarella, Nutella, bananas and nuts. The result was a succulent dessert.

Don’t skip your chance to try EL Gringo whenever you spot the green Mexican truck in the next event. We loved the concept as you get to eat delicious food for a very affordable price and quick service.

Contact them on: 76 155 122


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