The 33 a Movie Not to Miss this Week.

If you think you are having a bad day, you should definitely watch the upcoming movie “The 33” starring Antonio Banderas. It is based on the miraculous true story of 33 miners from Chile who managed to stay alive 69 days in a cave located 700 meters underground, after the collapse of the mountain over them.

As if 2010 was yesterday when the whole world was praying and hoping that the miners trapped underneath San Jose Mine would be rescued and be able to reunite with their families. Finally, a movie has been released to tell us what really happened down there and how the families were able to cope with the disaster that has fallen upon them.

The movie will inform us about the carelessness of the owners of the mines towards the miners and how they have an only purpose which is to make more money. Each year, 12000 miners die in a mine; it is a real crime and it should be stopped. The families of the trapped miners and the miners will teach us that we should always have hope and believe in God.

The special effects and sound effects made us feel that we were watching the real tragedy that took place back then. No need to talk about the acting skills of Banderas and all the other actors in this movie because they nailed it.
The beautiful surprise at the end of the movie is that we see the real miners in a great beach shoot.
We left the movie theater with tears of joy in our eyes and good vibes in our brain. It is a must watch movie.

Genre: Drama
Directed By: Patricia Riggen
Written By: Jose Rivera, Mikko Alanne, Craig Borten, Michael Thomas
Run time: 2 hr.
In cinemas this Thursday.
Rating: 4/5



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