Prune a Hidden Gem in Mar Mikhael

Discovering new restaurants is one of our hobbies and we recently found a hidden gem in Mar Mikhael, Prune, the neighbor of Acoté and Bar Jamón.
The restaurant has a French signature and we were astonished by how beautiful and big it is.
The menu offers a huge variety of dishes including traditional French signature platters and you can always order your favorite items from Acoté.
• The Moules et Frites comes either in a cream sauce or a cooked in a creamy sauce. We opted for the healthy version that contains parsley, garlic and onions and it was delicious. We have to praise the quality and freshness of the moules. This dish will fuel you with protein. We cheated with the fries that were crispy and yummy.
• The Gnocci Crème et Truffes was succulent! It was extremely creamy and the gnocchi were perfectly cooked. The truffle oil flavor was present and it was covered Parmesan slices but of course they weren't sufficient to fulfill our craving so we asked for more.
• The Steak et Frites was excellent. The steak was thick, tender, and juicy. The fries were addictive. They were so crunchy and not oily. The sauce was amazing as it was creamy and the perfect match with the steak.
• The Saumon Fumé crème wasabi was spectacular! The salmon used was premium quality but the sauce that accompanied it was disappointing. We didn't feel the wasabi and it was more of a yogurt sauce but that didn't stop us from enjoying it. The toast bread that came with it was very crispy and typically French.
We can't leave a restaurant without trying their desserts and what if it's a French restaurant.
• The Gâteau au chocolat maison was orgasmic. The cake was moist and kind of creamy as if it was not fully baked, with a chocolate ice cream on top that made it even more moist.
• The Tiramissu was tasty but the cream was sweet. The biscuits in it were so moist and had the right coffee dose. If they fix the sweetness of the cream it would become our favorite tiramissu.

• The Soup de Fraises was not our favorite dessert as the syrup was too sweet but we ate the fresh strawberries and the ice cream on top.

We loved the setting, the food and the service at Prune Bistro. We honestly expected this great dining experience after our memorable visits to Acoté and Bar Jamón.

Average price: 30$ per person
Rating: 8/10

Location: Madrid Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut
Phone Number: 01 569939


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