La Pizzaria the newest Pizza Place with lots of buzz

Finally a new restaurant opened in Gemmayze after it had been deserted for a long time. La Pizzaria is the newest Italian restaurant in Beirut. We heard that the owner left his day job to follow his dream. The place is too small as it fits around 20 customers so try to avoid it during peak hours in order not to wait outside. The menu consists of salads, pizzas, desserts and a breakfast section.
• The Lebanese Pizza was succulent! It contained tomato sauce, mushrooms, olives, ham and cheese. The dough was perfect; it reminded us of pizzas we had in Napoli as it was thin and you can feel it at the same time. The ingredients used had a very good quality especially the cheese that was amazing! We simply adored this pizza. 

• The Pizza Salame e Rucola was not successful at all. We did not like the salami used nor the mix of the rocca with the cabbage. The salami slices were thick and big and ruined the taste of the pizza. The dough and the cheese were the same as the Lebanese one.

The service is a total mess as their is only 2 waiters overloaded with serving a full restaurant while the chef have to handle customers orders and lots of delivery orders. You will end up stressed and anxious to leave the chaos you entered. We waited 30 minutes for our order to be ready, they should cancel the deliveries during peak hours.
Considering the wait, the service and the location, the pizzas were not worth the wait. Some simple changes can make this restaurant so much better.
Average price: 17$ per person.
Rating: 7/10
Location: Gouraud Street, 50 Meters After the Red Cross, Gemmayze, Beirut

Phone Number: 01 585586


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