Kaiten's Present is definitely not like it's Past.

My love story with sushi started at Kaiten Hamra. It is the perfect place for anyone who wants to start his sushi journey as you can start with only 3 pieces taken directly from the conveyor and if you like it you can grab more and more. What is very remarkable is that the restaurant has only a huge conveyor overlooking the live preparation of the sushi and the pricing is very simple; all you have to do is to look at the plate color.
We started with the Crab Sashimi Salad. It was good; the crab were fresh and the crispy gave it a yummy taste but it needed more sauce.
If you like sauces and mayo in sushi then Kaiten is not the right place for you.
• The Volcano Salmon was yummy as it was topped with spicy salmon mix and filled with avocado. 
• The Philadelphia roll was tasty. It was creamy thanks to the cream cheese and the salmon used were fresh. 
• The Shrimp Mango wrap was average. The shrimp was not fresh and the rice seemed old but the mango was fresh and tasty.
• The Volcano Crab was good. The crab was fresh but the rice also seemed a bit dry and old. 

• The Crunchy Crab and Crunchy Salmon were average. 

• We were very disappointed from our last order, the French Salamon, as it was supposed to contain Philadelphia cheese but it had nothing to do with that since we did not feel the cream cheese in it. Also, we felt it was too dry and old. When we complained to the waiter he kept arguing that this is how it should be served and he did not take any action or even apologize.
The speed of service at Kaiten is questionable because whenever we asked the chefs for a sushi item, it was ready in less than a minute. The lack of sauces and cream cheese and the dry rice can now be justified because the rolls may have been prepared before and it made the sushi pieces lose their taste and freshness.
Kaiten is good for a quick casual meal. Our experience today was average it did not impress us as before, as the quality is not as good as before.
Average price: 25$ per person.
Rating: 6.5/10
Location: Hamra, at the end of it's main street
Phone: 01 344448


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