Fred By La Table D'Alfred a French Bistro in Sursock

Sursock Street is becoming the next destination for fine dining. After our great dinner at Joanna's Table in Sursock Palace we discovered a new hidden gem, Fred, a French Bistro.
The restaurant is located in an old villa and is beautifully decorated by painted plates all over the walls. The place will give you a cozy and a romantic feeling. Fred is another great project from the group behind Table Alfred and Kababji and that was a guarantee for us that the food is going be great. The menu is typically french with appetizers, salads, main plates and desserts.
We wanted to try their burger since we heard a lot of good reviews about it. And as Croque Monsieur lovers we couldn't but order one especially that it's a restaurant specialized in French cuisine.

• The burger was exquisite! One of the best we recently had. The bun was so fluffy with some sesame seeds that gave it a better taste. The patty was literally perfect; so juicy, not chewy and very well seasoned. The Cheddar cheese had a very present taste. The onions and the tomatoes added more juiciness to the mix. We simply loved it.
The burger is served with a green salad and fries. The fries were amazing as they were very crunchy and addictive. The salad was fresh and the sauce was present.
• The Croque Monsieur was succulent! The cheese and ham used were of premium quality. The bun was very juicy thanks to the butter used. The sandwich was drenching with cheese. Croque Monsieur lovers shouldn't miss this plate. It comes with a big portion of green salad.
Now for the desserts, we ordered a Pain Perdu.

It was delicious and unlike other places it comes circular with real caramel which had a bitter après goût. It was something we liked. The bread was very juicy and the vanilla ice cream made it even juicier. The only negative comment is that the portion was a bit small.

Sursock Street has been our lucky charm with the recent great restaurant experiences. Fred should definitely be on your list of restaurants to visit this week.

Reservation is a must.
Average Price: 30$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Sursock Street, Ashrafieh, Beirut
Phone Number: 01 203038


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