A New Pub with a Spanish Twist in Mar Mikhael

Sometimes we get bored from ordinary food and we search for something new and special. Neither burgers nor pizzas nor sushi but something simple and won't make you feel guilty yet delicious. Our coup de coeur was Bar Jamón in Mar Mikhael next to Acoté in Mar Mkhael. It is specialised in cheese, charcuterie, tapas and of course jamon. The place is very relaxing and positive where you can enjoy drinks with yummy bites.
The menu offers Spanish items focusing on some delicious and unique cold cuts that you won't find anywhere else.
• We started our dinner with Sobrassada, Goat Cheese and Honey. It consisted of pork sausage with creamy goat cheese, honey and rocket leaves. It was the best and yummiest thing we have tried since some time. No words can describe how perfect it was. You must try it and discover by yourselves.

• The Patatas Bravas were addictive. It's made of crispy cubed potatoes with garlic allioli sauce. We finished them in a minute.
• The Avocado, Smoked Salmon and Ikura is the healthy dish by excellence. It contained some premium quality smoked salmon slices with half an avocado filled with fish eggs (Ikura). We loved how fresh it was and full of vitamins!

• The Manchego, Ruccola and truffle oil contained our favorite ingredients. It was very simple yet excellent. It was the first time we tried this cheese and we loved it. Don't forget to ask for bread for full indulgence.
We never finish a food experience without desserts. We ordered a Chocolat Mou and a Double Chocolate Dose cake.
• The Chocolat Mou was amazing. We all know what it contains but the quality of the whipped cream and the ice cream used made it divine.
• The Double Chocolate Dose cake was orgasmic. The cake was moist and kind of creamy as if it was not fully baked, with a chocolate ice cream on top that made it even more moist.
Like you see, the platters we talked about had non ordinary and few ingredients yet the taste was succulent! Bar Jamón should be on your restaurant list because if you don't pay them a visit you will be really missing out.

Average price: 25$ per person.
Rating: 8.5/10

Location: Mar Mikhael, Madrid Street, Beirut,
Phone Number: 01 569949


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