A Night Well Spent at Bar 360 at Le Gray Hotel.

Downtown Beirut will always be our destination and "joie de vivre" for a night out, to unwind from the daily routine and mingle over a cocktail and enjoy some nibbles. Our recent crush was Bar 360 at Le Gray Hotel, we couldn't but love the cozy comfortable lounge overlooking the illuminated Beirut with a background of some amazing tunes played on a reasonable sound that won't make you sacrifice your ears for.
The menu offers to share section, starters, main dishes and desserts plus a wide variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails.
We started our night with crudités which is a simple yet a healthy way to begin a gathering where we were able to gossip a little bit before the main platters arrive. The vegetables were very varied and extremely fresh and the dipping were so delicious.
A meal is never complete without a salad so we went for the Rocca Mushroom Salad. It was so refreshing with its fresh rocket leaves and aged balsamic dressing. It contained goat cheese that gave it a sour taste and roasted pine nuts.
After warming up we tried a bunch of appetizers:
• The Vermicelli Coated Shrimps were addictive! They come with a sweet chili mango sip. They were so crispy and tasty. 
• The International Cheese Selection was perfect! We are not usually fans of cheese platters because cheeses come in big pieces and when each one starts eating the platter becomes chaotic. Bar 360 found the solution by serving cubed cheese. We loved the presentation and the good quality of the cheese used. It comes with chutney, crackers and bread and it is perfect for a cheese and wine night. 
• The Italian Charcuterie contained some of our favorite cold cuts: salami, turkey, Parma ham and pastrami. It was served with pickles, dijon mustard and crispy bread which made each bite more enjoyable than the other. 
• The Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers satisfied our burger cravings as they were succulent. Since they come mini, we were able to share them and we did not fight over who takes the biggest part.
Like we always say, a food experience is never accomplished without desserts. We shared a Tiramisu, an Orange Crème Brûlée and a Chocolate Assiette.
• The Tiramisu was literally the best we had! It was creamy and fluffy without having a big dose of coffee syrup. It was orgasmic. 
• The Orange Crème Brûlée was better than the ordinary one as it had this sour taste that made it lighter. It was divine. 
• The Chocolate Assiete contained a selection of our favorite desserts: chocolate tarte, chocolate mousse and chocolate fondant they were mouthwatering especially the fondant and the tarte.

We accompanied our dinner with a bunch of cocktails. What we only remember is how refreshing and tasty they were. Of course you have the option to have them without alcohol.

We enjoyed our hangout at Bar 360. We loved its positive vibes, its relaxing colors and the great service. It should be on your list for your next celebration with your friends.
Average price: 35$ per person.
Rating: 9/10
Location: Le Gray Hotel, Downtown, Beirut, Lebanon
Tel.: +9611962888


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