There are more Italian restaurants in Lebanon than there is in Italy but PZZA.CO makes the difference

There are more Italian restaurants in Lebanon than there is in Italy but only some serve the real signature food and very few are prepared by an Italian Chef. PZZA.CO​ a restaurant in Beirut Souks  has been serving the authentic pizza for the past year and a half in a very beautiful and unique location. Their menu offers starters, salads, pizzas, pastas, and some yummy desserts.
• We started with the Bruschetta Al Funghi. Very simple ingredients were able to create a tasty combination: mushrooms, olives and pine nuts on a tasty Bruschetta bun. It was a yummy start to our food journey.

• The Zucchini Fritters are the perfect alternative to fries. They were full of taste and extremely crispy plus they boost you with vitamins. We are not fans of zucchini but we couldn't stop eating them.
• From the Mozzarella Specials we tried the Bocconcini in Carrozza. It consisted of breaded baby mozzarella cheese served with tomato basil sauce. The cheese balls were so creamy and enjoyable.

• Their Red Quinoa Salad was SUPERB. It contained red quinoa, green onions and fava beans topped with cranberries and sliced almond in a unique cherry vinaigrette sauce. Till now it is the best quinoa salad we ever had!
• The Seasonal Vegetable Salad, like its name suggest, changes according to seasonal vegetables. The current one contains chickpeas, tomatoes, onions and fresh corn. What made it very special are the grilled to crisp corn that seemed like croutons while being very healthy and its tasty sauce. If you are on a diet this salad is for you.
• The Baby Spinach Salad was very good as well. It is very basic as it had only spinach leaves and nuts. The spinach leaves were extremey fresh and the balsamic vinaigrette sauce gave it a sharp taste. We advise you to sprinkle some Parmesan on top because it made it perfect.

Now for the pzzas:
• We loved the Margherita pizza. It is the basic pzza served in all Italian restaurants. Pzza.Co made it unique because the dough was perfectly baked and the fresh mozzarella cheese used was so delicious. It contained basil, fresh tomato, and extra virgin olive oil.
• The Contadina is like the Margherita but with extra onions, mushrooms and olives which gave it a spicier, stronger taste.
• The Bresaolo was our favorite. It had thin slices of Bresaola meat, rocket leaves, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan slices. The Bresaola used was premium quality. And the mix of these ingredients altogether was very adequate.

Now for the pastas:
• The Tomato Basil Spaghettini consisted of spaghetti in tomato basil sauce. The spaghetti were perfectly cooked (al dente) and the sauce was excellent. We recommend this plate for pasta lovers.

• The Rigatoni Creamy Bolognese is the tube-shaped pasta in a creamy tomato sauce with minced seasoned beef. It had a tangy garlic taste that made it very appetizing. If you like taking things to the next level skip the Tomato Basil Spaghettini and go for this one.

The dessert was of course the sweetest and most memorable part of our journey.
You may say because it was the last thing we ate? No, but because we never had such a sweet pizza with caramel biscuit and Nutella.
Let's make things clearer, Pzza.Co has 2 different sweet pzzas: the Nutella one and the Biscuit & Caramel one. BUT, they knew it would be torturous to choose between them so they made 1 pzza with both ingredients: half Nutella and half Biscuit & Caramel. This pzza was succulent! If you are sweet lovers you should definitely try it. Oh and did we forget to mention that they serve it each time in a different shape?

Pzza.Co is definitely not the regular Italian pzza restaurant you can find anywhere. If you are curious to know what pzza tastes in Italy, then you need to pay them a visit soon.

Average Price: 25$ per person
Rating: 8.5/10
Location: Beirut Souks


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