Dinner at Hangout Beirut

We really get anxious when we see high ratings for a restaurant on Zomato, and Popcorn961 doesn't have a say about it. That was one of the main reasons we were excited to visit Hangout in Gemmayzeh. The restaurant lies in an old Lebanese home that still carries the old charm but we were unable to admire the interior due to the very dim setting that prevails in it and the huge heavy sofas we were not fans of.

• We started dinner with a Green Salad that was very fresh and the sauce used was very simple yet tasty. It was a fine start.
• We heard a lot about the Pan Fried Mushrooms with Halloumi so we were excited to try them out and they turned out to be delicious as the mushrooms were fresh and the halloum was perfectly cooked. The water that comes from the mushrooms mixed with the cheese made an incredible mix. We loved it.

For mains we had the Gourmet Burger and the Crusty Mustard Chicken platter.

• The burger was delicious. It contained cheddar cheese, pickles, onions and bacon. The bun was fluffy and the meat was very well marinated and not chewy. The fries that comes with it were thick yet crispy. It was a perfect meal but for 28,000 we found it a bit overpriced.
• The Crusty Mustard Chicken was below average. The chicken piece came very thick to a point it started to drop its water in the plate and it was chewy. On the other hand the sauce was tasty and creamy but the chicken made this platter unacceptable. Also it was mentioned in the menu that the chicken is crusty while we didn't feel that.
For dessert we had the Gigantic Pain Perdu and the Chocolat Mou.

• The Pain Perdu was one of the best we ever had! It was very moist and it was placed on a sea of yummy caramel with a vanilla ice cream scoop. We couldn't stop eating although we were full. It was orgasmic.
• The Chocolat Mou was great. The ice cream was creamy and it comes with whipped cream and nuts on top. It was very refreshing.

Our dinner at hangout restaurant was good but it didn't give us an experience that will make us come back again and be anxious to try another item as their menu is overpriced and limited to few items.

Remarks: dim restaurant, overpriced, the chairs were uncomfortable and not cozy.

Average price: 40$ per person.

Rating: 7/10

Location: Gemmayze,187 Nahr Ibrahim Street,Beirut

Phone: 01 566234


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