Provincial restaurant in Antelias changed our minds.

After our bad experiences with Shisha Cafés, finally came Provincial in Antelias to break the rules and make us change our mind. Provincial has 2 branches one in Antelias and one in Kaslik ATCL. We tried both: Kaslik is more of a winter branch but Antelias is more summery with its open air terrasse surrounded by greeneries. If you are non smoker like us you won't be bothered if you sit outside. There is also a smoking indoor area for shisha lovers. Provincial serves international food from salads to pizzas, burgers, main platters and sushi.
We ordered Chicken Quesadillas, Exotic Salad and Sweet-and-Sour Chicken.
• The Chicken Quesadillas were very delicious. The wrap should have been a bit crispier but the filling was very creamy. The chicken were not chewy. They would have been perfect if they added guacamole to the sauces.
• The Exotic Salad was very refreshing. It contained salmon, crab and shrimps on a green leaves. The sauce was very adequate to this salad. The sea food had a good quality. The only negative comment is the lettuce pieces were very big and that made mixing the salad a bit difficult. It was a good salad after all. 
• The Sweet-and-Sour Chicken platter was good. It was more of a Lebanese style platter as the chicken used were breaded escalope. It was very rich in vegetables so if you are not a veggie person this platter is not for you. The sauce needed to be more present maybe by adding something tangy and consistent. We replaced the rice with potato wedged that were so yummy.
Provincial is a very good location for big gatherings but not for a romantic dinners unless you are going for a fondue night with wine next to their chimney which we can't wait to try this winter.
Average price: 18$ per person
Rating: 7/10
Location: Restaurant Street, Antelias, Lebanon,
Phone Number: 04 444148


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