Pay the Ghost Movie Review

Halloween is a month away, but Nicolas Cage new horror movie "Pay the Ghost" will directly take you to October 31st.
Mike Lawford's son Charlie is kidnapped during a Halloween parade without any traces of who might have abducted him. Mike and his wife Kristen are left hopeless as they had not a single clue and the guilt of losing their son drifts them apart.

Pay the Ghost story-line includes some super natural events and black magic that will give you a spooky mood. The story of the movie is interesting but it lacked some special effects to make us live the moment.

If you like horror movies and witches, this movie is playing in cinemas this week.

Rating: 2/5
Duration: 94 Minutes


Directed By: Uli Edel
Starring: Nicolas Cage
               Sarah Wayne Callies
               Veronica Ferres

In Cinemas: October,22,2015


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