**Pasquale a new Italian Restaurant at Grand Hills Hotel**

Grand Hills Hotel and Spa Broumana recently opened its door again after a renovation period and this is good news for Italian food lovers as Pasquale is back again.
The restaurant has a beautiful garden where you can have a peaceful romantic dinner under the moonlight. The interior of the restaurant is not that charming so take advantage from the great weather and visit them before the storms.

We started with a variety of salads and appetizers:

• The Insalata di rucola al Gorgonzola, novi e pere was tasty. It contained rocket leaves with gorgonzola cheese, roasted walnuts and pear. The rocket leaves were very fresh, the Gorgonzola was premium quality and the pear were extremely thin which gave a sweet taste without being very present. The mixture was very successful but the sauce was a bit salty but it shouldn't have been because there is gorgonzola.
• The carpaccio di manzo was delicious. It consisted of thinly sliced raw beef fillet with mushrooms and Parmesan shavings. We advise you to put some balsamic vinegar on it to give it a consistent taste.
• The Pasquale salad was very good. It consisted of a parade of seafood treasures (mussels, octopus, calamari) with sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts on rucola, iceberg in a lemon dressing. The seafood were extremely fresh and the lemon sauce added even more freshness to the mix.
Now for the pastas:
• The Gnocchi Alla Sorentina was made of potato gnocchi with tomato, basil and Parmesan cheese. It was very creamy and cheesy. It would have been perfect if it was less salty.
• The Spaghetti with seafood was yummy. It was cooked to perfection and had a generous amount of fresh seafood
• An Italian experience is never completed without a pizza. We tried the Margherita pizza and it was succulent. The dough was so thin and the cheese used was perfect. The sauce had a pinch of spiciness that gave the pizza a richer taste. We simply loved it.
We ended our dinner with desserts of course.
• The tiramisu was amazing! It was very light and creamy. Its sweetness was mild. We were able to eat more than a piece.

• The panna cotta pistachio was good. It was creamy and the pistachio flavor was present. To make it better they sprinkled some roasted pistachio on top.
We can't wait for more restaurants to open at Grand Hills because of the beautiful decor of this five star hotel.


Average price: 25$ per person.

Location: Broumanna, Grand Hills, A Luxury Collection Hotel & Spa, Charkiyye Road,Metn
Phone Number: 04 868888


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